Meet Mason Brown & The Shiners

Mason Brown & The Shiners may not be a household name, but these boys have been around the block a dozen times over.  Each and every one of them have played everywhere from honky tonks and late night dives to big stages flooded with bright lights.  They don't do it for the money and they sure as hell don't do it for the fame...they do it for the love of music. 

As you'll hear on the self-titled debut EP, Mason Brown, singer/songwriter/guitarist, writes songs that seem to strike a chord with hard working, blue collar, everyday common folk.  From the all-too-true story of "American Farmer" to the heartfelt emotion found in "Momma" to the get up and raise a little hell in "Country As A Day Is Long", Mason's songs can often times be seen like a movie reel if you close your eyes & listen.  His homegrown style of country is influenced by everything from country classics, outlaws & rebels, southern rock and a touch of bluegrass.  He has a suitcase full of songs and a hundred more in his head, so stay tuned. 

Few times in life will you ever find the loyalty and dedication that Mason has found in The Shiners.  Ian Lyons has been there from the beginning.  Raised in a home full of musicians by a professional jazz bassist, Ian was a rock star...until he met Mason.  The two hit it off like brothers.  Mason played him a few of his songs, asked him if he'd like to come play some country music and Ian has been playing bass right by Mason's side, as steady as the sun, ever since.  A few months into it, Chris "Ramblin' Jake" Jacobson comes along with that big 'ol smile & fiddle in hand.  This guy does whatever it takes to make the song.  In addition to fiddle, he plays mandolin, harp and banjo from time to time.  Most times he is the voice of reason, but he's been known to raise a little hell every now & then.  Next Shiner up, Big Bobby Elliott.  What can you say, he's just a good 'ol boy from the hills of Virginia.  He & Mason both have roots in Franklin County (Moonshine Capitol of the World), so they hit it off and immediately felt like kin.  Bobby is yet another multi-talented Shiner.  Behind the drums is where he calls home here, but don't let him fool ya, this boy can sing, play guitar & blow the harp like it ain't nobody's business...yeah, he's that guy! Not too often will you hear a sound more beautiful than the pedal steel guitar. Mark Smilor can make that thing cry those long, lonesome notes & make you wanna raise some hell with them honky-tonk sounds. Last but not least is Capt Rich Coon. His guitar ability, style & attention the song is evident from the moment he hits that first note.

2018 is set to be a busy year for the fellas.  As they plan to get back in the studio to record a long-overdue full length album, they are also busy booking a tour to support the highly anticipated project with the help of their new management team.  The support received from and given to FarmVetCo continues to grow.  The relationships with the FarmVetCo team, the Veterans from all over our great nation and the many farmers they've become friends with continues to transcend the music that initially brought them together.

In a relatively short period of time, Mason Brown & The Shiners have been named The Official Band of Langley Speedway & AM1490 The Outlaw-Real Country Radio, was nominated for Best Local Country Band at the 2015 & 2016 Veer Music Awards, nominated for several different awards at the 2018 Veer Music Awards, appeared on local TV & radio, gained the attention of press & media and made many "fans turned friends" along the way.  The funny thing is, they're just getting started!! Come on y'all, let's keep this train rollin'...join the mailing list, buy a CD, get some merch, put a sticker on your hot rod (or wherever else you want), go see them live, show some love and spread the word...just do something, for the love of music! See y'all down the road...